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Land, Air, & Sea – Baum Shipping Handles Freight Forwarding on a Global Scale


Your trusted partners for global freight forwarding services at Baum Shipping, formerly known as ETC International Freight Systems, welcome you. As a leading freight forwarding company in the industry, we understand the complexities within the logistics industry. We work tirelessly to provide our clients with efficient and reliable land, air, and sea shipping services to businesses of all sizes.

Whether you need to transport goods across town or across the world, our team of experienced professionals has the expertise to deliver your goods safely and on time. We specialize in global freight forwarding services, including land, air, and sea shipping, making us the ideal partner for companies operating in a variety of industries.

We have proven over the last 35-plus years that our expertise in the freight forwarding industry yields overwhelmingly positive results. If you are looking for a seasoned freight forwarding company with a great track record, look no further. Call Baum Shipping at (800) 383-3157 to speak with one of our professionals or fill out a quick form to Get a Free Quote.

Land Freight Forwarding Services

At Baum Shipping, we understand that land transportation is often the best mode for companies who need to move goods shorter distances or within a specific region. Our land shipping services are designed to accommodate a wide variety of needs, from small parcel delivery to full truckload shipments. Some notable benefits to Land Freight services include:

  • Versatility
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Security
  • Less Customs Clearances

Our trucks are regularly serviced, and our drivers are trained to ensure that your goods are transported safely and securely. We also offer temperature-controlled trucks for goods that require specific temperature environments, such as perishable foods or pharmaceuticals.

Global Air Freight Forwarding Services

Air transportation is by far the fastest mode of transportation, making it ideal for businesses that need to move goods across long distances quickly. At Baum Shipping, we offer air shipping services that are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Our team of experts will work with you to find the best air shipping solution for your needs. We partner with a network of airlines to offer a wide range of air shipping options, including standard, express, and even air charter services for time-sensitive shipments.

International Sea Freight Forwarding Services

Sea transportation is often the most cost-effective shipping method, making it a popular choice for businesses that need to move large volumes of goods across long distances. We offer sea shipping services that are both reliable and affordable. Our sea shipping services include full container load (FCL) and less-than-container load (LCL) shipments.

Full Container Load vs Less-Than-Container Load:

FCL – The maximum payload mass, or FCL, for a 20’ container is approximately 22 tonnes – and approximately 27 tonnes for a 40’ container.

LCL – Less-than-container load refers to situations when the cargo has small volumes or dimensions that will not take up the entire space of a container. The shipper can opt for LCL, which combines their shipment with other smaller cargoes.

To learn more about other freight forwarding terms, visit our glossary. We work with a network of trusted carriers to offer a variety of ocean freight options, including dry, refrigerated, and hazardous materials shipping.

Global Freight Forwarding is Our Way of Life

At Baum Shipping, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive global freight forwarding services that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Customs Clearance – We understand that navigating customs regulations can be a complicated process. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that your goods comply with all customs regulations and are cleared for transport on time.
  • Supply Chain Management – We offer end-to-end supply chain management services, including inventory management, tracking, and order fulfillment. Our team of experts will work with you to develop an efficient supply chain strategy that optimizes your operations and reduces costs.
  • Risk ManagementWe know that freight forwarding comes with inherent risks, such as theft, damage, or loss. Our risk management services aim to mitigate these risks by carefully managing the transportation process and providing insurance coverage options to protect your goods.

35 years in the Global Freight Forwarding Industry

Over the last three decades, our family, the Malinbaums of Baum Shipping, has been perfecting the way global freight forwarding is handled. Through that time, we have come to understand that we can always guarantee:

  1. Your package is always packed and crated securely
  2. All paperwork for transport is filed ahead of schedule and accurately
  3. To provide our customs clearance brokers to work on getting approved
  4. Safe and reputable transport will be used
  5. To maintain constant communication with you and the transportation vessel
  6. Ensure it is delivered in a timely manner and remains pristine

We pride ourselves on our work ethic and expertise by being able to provide top-notch global freight forwarding services to our clientele.

Going Around the World for You – Baum Shipping’s Global Freight Services

With Baum Shipping, you can rest assured that your global freight forwarding needs are taken care of. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality shipping services that meet the needs of our clients.

Contact us today by calling (800) 383-3157 to learn more about our global freight forwarding services, or to request a quote for your next shipment. Our team of experts is standing by to answer any questions you may have and help you find the ideal shipping solution for your needs.

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Useful Air Freight Information

  • Passenger airplane Maximum height: 64 inches
  • Cargo Airplane Maximum height: 96 inches
  • To calculate air freight volume L x W x H in inches divided by 166 = weight in pounds
  • To convert weight in pounds to kilograms: Divide the weight in pounds by 2.2046 (Equals 1 Kilo)

Useful Ocean Freight Information

  • 20’ – 34,000 lbs (if weight exceeds 34,000 a tri-axle chassis must be used)
  • 40’ – 44,000 lbs

  • 20’SD: 19′ 6″ L x 7′ 8″ W x 7′ 9: H (capacity: 1250 CFT.)
  • 40’SD: 39′ 5″ L x 7′ 8″ W x 7′ 9: H (capacity: 2434 CFT.)
  • 40’HQ: 39′ 5″ L x 7′ 8″ W x 8’10” H (Capacity: 2495 CFT.)

  • Ocean Freight minimum – 1 Cubic Meter = 48”x 42”x30”
  • Standard pallet Sizes = 48”x 40” or 48”x42”


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