Do you provide insurance coverage for my cargo during transit?

Yes, at Baum Shipping, we are adamantly committed to safeguarding your cargo and ensuring peace of mind during its journey. We provide two primary types of insurance coverage for your cargo during transit, catering to diverse needs and security levels.

1. All Risk (Including War Risk) Via Air, Ocean, and Ground:

– All Risk Coverage: This is one of the most comprehensive forms of insurance coverage that protects your cargo against a wide array of potential risks and damages during transit, whether it is via air, ocean, or ground.

This includes but is not limited to theft, breakage, moisture damage, and other unexpected incidents that may adversely affect your shipment. It provides coverage for most causes of physical loss or damage in transit, ensuring robust protection for your valuable cargo.

– Including War Risk: In addition to the standard all-risk coverage, we also provide protection against the perils of war, which may include invasions, insurrections, and civil unrest. This ensures that your cargo is covered even in situations where political or social instability might pose additional threats to its safety and integrity.

2. FPA (Free of Particular Average) – Total Loss/Catastrophic Coverage:

Total Loss Coverage: FPA insurance offers protection predominantly against a total loss of your cargo. This means that compensation will be provided only in situations where the entire shipment is lost due to catastrophic events such as the sinking of a vessel, plane crashes, or similar large-scale disasters.

Catastrophic Coverage: Specifically focused on severe and large-scale mishaps, catastrophic coverage under FPA ensures that you are protected against substantial financial losses when catastrophes occur, securing the financial value of your cargo even amid unforeseen and immensely disruptive events.

Insurance Coverage Made Easy for You

At Baum Shipping, we prioritize the safety and integrity of your shipments, ensuring they are shielded against uncertainties and mishaps throughout their journey. Our dedicated team is available to discuss your specific needs and assist you in selecting the insurance coverage that best suits your cargo and comfort level. Safeguarding your cargo and providing you with peace of mind during its transit is paramount to us. Together, let’s chart a secure journey for your shipments.


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